Data strategy

Harness the power of AI and machine learning.

Build your strategy

We are here to help you get more data-driven.


Why you require a data strategy.

Data roadmap

What are the major milestones and steps.


Which metrics you need to track to stay the course.


What results your data strategy should deliver.

Risk and success factors

How to ensure the project succeeds.

Business case

What value will be unlocked.

Budget estimates

What are the estimated costs for each activity.

Train your team

In this course you will gain knowledge on the process of data science and learn how to translate business challenges into analytical use cases.

Data essentials

1 presentation

  • Models and metrics
  • Data science workflows
  • Technical challenges

Strategy essentials

1 presentation

  • Innovation strategy
  • Value propositions
  • Business challenges

Data-driven value propositions

2 workshops

  • In-person or via Miro
  • Hands-on


  • Succesfully identifying data science use cases
  • Mapping data science use cases to the value chain
  • Prioritizing data science use cases
  • Defining clear data goals and success criteria to assess solutions
  • Create data-driven value propositions and define underlying assumptions