Training – Data strategy

In this course you will gain knowledge on the process of data science and learn how to translate business challenges into analytical use cases.

Course contents

  • 1 Presentation on Data essentials
    • Models and metrics
    • Data science workflows
    • Technical challenges
  • 1 Presentation on Strategy essentials
    • Innovation strategy
    • Value propositions
    • Business challenges
  • 2 Workshops to create data-driven value propositions
    • In-person or via Miro
    • Hands-on


  • Succesfully identifying data science use cases
  • Mapping data science use cases to the value chain
  • Prioritizing data science use cases
  • Defining clear data goals and success criteria to assess solutions
  • Create data-driven value propositions and define underlying assumptions
What previous participants said about this training

A great introduction to the topic.

I learned how to define data-driven use cases in a structured way.

The instructor guided us in a way that made it easy to understand the process.


Below is the course contents. This course can be customized to meet your specific training needs.