Innovation consulting

A clear strategy is vital to the success of your investment in data and analytics. We help you apply the latest in data analytics and machine learning using a four step approach.

1. Planning and discovery

  • Identify business objectives and needs
  • Enlist sponsors and stakeholders
  • Define scope and schedule
  • Uncover technology and data assets

2. Data assessment

  • Document current business processes, data sources, data assets, technology assets, business and IT capabilities and departmental policies

3. Data roadmap

  • Perform gap analysis of existing state and the desired future state
  • Highlight any gaps in data architecture, technology, tools, processes and knowledge
  • Evaluate possibilites for data integration, data storage and data analysis
  • List and prioritize strategic options and match with business objectives and needs
  • Develop a data roadmap

4. Change management

  • List incentives and ongoing metrics
  • Define rules and principles to govern data
  • Manage organizational, social and technical change

Following this 4-step approach will increase your chance of success and provide you with the necessary deliverables to start designing a technical solution.